About CalCFA



The California Consumer Finance Association (CalCFA) is committed to providing consumers access to a variety of choices for legitimate, regulated short-term consumer loans and financial services. CalCFA members include some of the leading providers of short-term credit and financial services in California and across the country.

CalCFA understands that the financial service and short-term credit needs of each consumer depend upon his or her individual situation. There is not one solution or product that is appropriate for all circumstances. CalCFA members believe consumers benefit when they have the most legitimate regulated options from which they can choose in finding the appropriate solution for their specific needs.

CalCFA’s Mission

CalCFA works on behalf of its members and consumers to help ensure:

A broad range of choices for legitimate short-term credit and services are available for consumers in the retail marketplace.
The terms, restrictions and cost of credit and financial services are clear and easy for consumers to understand and compare.
Consumers enjoy the benefits of a fully competitive marketplace, which can expand their options and lower their costs.
Consumers have access to education so they can be fully informed about all of their legitimate financial options.